The HSE handbook

NTNU's handbook for health, safety and the environment describes the goals and principle at the basis of the HSE work at NTNU. The handbook provides detailed description of how the systematic HSE work is organised, and expands on the HSE model for how to carry out systematic and continuous HSE work.

The requirements of the HSE system are designed to be very similar to the requirements in the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, as a consequence of the fact that NTNU has introduced Environmental Management. The guidelines relating to the central management's HSE reviewing and auditing will be completed when the new top managers of the central organisation have taken up their positions.

The book consists of the following chapters:

In order to simplify the work of the individual units, various templates, checklists and forms have been designed and attached to the different guidelines.

HSE guidelines
HSE forms

All the documents are in the pdf format, with the exception of forms and templates you are meant to fill in. You can access the pdf format documents by installing the Acrobat Reader software on your computer. If you are uncertain about how to download and open pdf documents, please contact your local IT section.

For safety in the laboratory, go to Innsida:
Read the guidelines, and see a movie about the security at the laboratory.


The health, safety and environmental (HSE) work at NTNU shall constitute continuous and systematic efforts that are integrated into the primary activities.



HSE guidelines and forms

Download templates, checklists, and forms - attached to the different guidelines.

Handling of dangerous substances

Go to Innsida to read more about handling of dangerous substances.