Substance database (HSE)

This site gives you information about logging on to NTNU’s substance database, i.e. net-based access to searches for safety datasheets. There are language options in the left hand column of the EcoOnline start page.
General search:
Clicking on ”local search” under ”administration” in the upper left hand corner of the start page allows you to conduct a search in the substance database.

Log in, general search

Editing/administrator access:
In order to make changes to the substance database you need an ID, a user name and a password.

For access, please contact the person responsible for the substance database, or
Mette Helseth from the HSE Section.
Log in, editing/administrator access
Tip – how to print out a list:

  1. Go to ”Local search” – choose ”Advanced search” 
  2. Type your search word/s. E.g.: Here you may, for instance, conduct a search on the words mentioned in the risk phrases. If you wish to call up all flammable chemical substances, type: fire
  3. Click on search
  4. If you want to print out the list, click on the pdf mark in the top right hand corner of the image

Other tools:
User manual
How to import safety datasheets

Risk assessment, chemicals
Persons responsible for the substance database at NTNU