Lists of variables

On variable order page you will find a complete overveiw of all the variables which are available from the HUNT studies (HUNT1, HUNT2, HUNT3 and Young-HUNT). All institutions with research expertise can apply for access to analyse these variables by having an application processed by HUNT Research Centre.

The variable order page is in Norwegian, but the variable lists are in English. Here is how you should order your data file:

When applying for HUNT data you need to send us an application form, that can be found at With the application form we need documentation as specified, plus a variable order.

The sheets with variables in HUNT databank are subject to change over time as the result of quality assurance and new variables becoming available from additional projects or analyses of samples.

Therefore, please take care to download the newest variable lists that you will find on our site, every time you apply for HUNT data, and please do not use older versions, for instance from an older project. This is how to make sure your variable order can be treated fast by our data bank:

  1. Download the newst available list from our website:
  2. When you send in the excel file, DO NOT CHANGE anything about the files:
  • Only tick off by putting a «x» in column C of the variables you wish to receive in your data file
  • Do not delete any rows or columns
  • Do not change any of the variable names
  • Do not change to a different file format
  • Do not merge several files into one – feel free to send in as many separate variable lists as you like.

Variables regarding education can be found in HUNT1 and 2, but not 3. Education variables in HUNT3can be found by connecting numbers from the Ministry of Education and Research (found here).