The 33rd International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium

– Trondheim, Norway, June 02 – 06, 2014

The course has been given on an annual basis since 1981 and has followed the profound development of the industry. Since 1981 the total attendance has been 2700 participants from 276 companies, representing 56 countries. The course provides an updated, comprehensive review of the state of the art in aluminium production. The aim of the course is to "Understand the process and act accordingly". Lecturers include Alton Tabereaux (Former Alcoa), Vinko Potocnik (Former Alcan), Michel Reverdy (Dubal), Jean-Michel Peyneau (Rio Tinto), Markus Meyer (R&D Carbon), Matteo Fabbri (ABB) as well as Norwegian scientists and technologists. Not only lectures but group discussions and social arrangements with informal discussions are important parts of the course. The course is aimed at personnel working in the field of commercial aluminium electrolysis at all levels, including technical and project managers, supervisors, potroom engineers, suppliers as well as research metallurgists.


It will also be arranged a Precourse: "Fundamentals and their Application in Aluminium Production" May 20-30. This course will also include a plant visit. Participants that are interested should contact Professor Harald A. Øye directly on and he will send the full information.