Information and Communication Technology

– Strategic Research Area at NTNU -

This strategic area ended in 2014. These are the four new strategic areas 2014–2023.

NTNU's research within ICT must have both national and international significance. Our strategy within ICT is organized according to methods for advanced and creative research. Researchers should have the freedom to do in-depth studies within their research fields. At the same time, NTNU can utilize a wide range of academic and scientific expertise – from physics to philosophy – to develop interdisciplinary products.


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Find out more about our eight research programmes and their latest hightlights in the Strategic Area ICT Report.

Learning with ICT

A meeting place between a variety of scientific areas, ranging from ICT to the social sciences, where pedagogiv and didactic traditions are of particular relevance.


Addressing the Norwegian industry and society's needs for know-how and international high quality research in advanced robotics.


Health Informatics

Strengthening existing research and establishing new research and education within health informatics at NTNU.
More about this programme.


An interdisciplinary cooperation between research environments in medicine, biology, and informatics.

More about this programme.


Language Technology

An interdisciplinary unit that coordinates and initiates language technology activities connected to NTNU.

ICT in Public Sector

Establishing new and strengthening existing research and education within ICT in the public sector.

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Leader: John Krogstie
Coordinator: Jon Kummen
Web/report: Karelle Gilbert-Soni

More about the organisation of the ICT Strategic Area.

The ICT Strategic Area is one of six designated cross-disciplinary networks at NTNU.
The other subjects are:
Energy & Petroleum - Resources & Environment
Marine and maritime technology
Medical technology

Computer Games

computer games

Coordinating and stimulating new research on various aspects of computer games.

Computational Science and Visualisation

Meeting a rising demand for competence in research activities that needs high performance computing.