Computational Science and Visualization

The research programme is established to meet a rising demand for competence in research activities that needs high performance computing.

Research areas
Examples of research areas that use high performance computing are reservoir simulations, seismology, marine technology, molecular dynamics, chemical process technology, structural engineering, materials technology, bioinformatics, and medical diagnostics. Common for all these areas is that they typically involve interdisciplinary activities: physical modelling, mathematical analysis, numerical analysis, and algorithm development, resource demanding calculations, visualisations, and securing quality in the simulation results.

The goal of the research programme

  • Meet national needs within the application of HPC and visualisation within basic research and industrial development
  • Promote and develop special competence within HPC and visualisation with a base in NTNU's core areas
  • Provide access to adequate, dependable, and cost effective computing power for users at NTNU and in other national institutions
  • Secure advanced user support for users at NTNU
  • Educate researchers with competence in computation science


  • Assoc. Prof. Jørn Amundsen, Co-Director (Director - Infrastructure)
  • Prof. Einar Rønquits, Co-Director (Director - Numerical Methods)


Programme committee

  • Associate Professor Egil Tjåland, Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics
  • Professor Syvert Nørsett, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor Lasse Natvig, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Professor Asle Sudbø, Department of Physics
  • Professor Bjørnar Pettersen, Department of Marine Technology
  • Professor Hugo A. Jakobsen, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Associate Professor Jostein Halgunset, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children's and Women's Health
  • Professor Per-Olof Åstrand, Department of Chemistry

Arrangements and Information
Opening of new HPC center at NTNU, november 30th.Article about NOTUR IIWinter School, Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo, Norway, March 5-10, 2006: AUTOMATION OF COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICAL MODELLING / TURBULENT FLOW SIMULATION LECTURES: Johan Hoffman, NADA, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm. Anders Logg, Toyota Technological Institute at ChicagoNOTUR 2005 Gathering - May 30 31, 2005EMG 20058th European Multigrid Conference on Multigrid, Multilevel and Multiscale Methods Scheveningen, The Netherlands, September 27 - 30, 200516 th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics Nordic Association for Computational MechanicseScience in Norges Forskningsråd

Infrastructure: Assoc. Prof. Jørn Amundsen (+47 91897897)
Numerics: Einar Rønqusit (73593518)
Visualization: Torbjørn Hallgren (+4773593679)
Use of calculation facilities: Bjørn Lindi (+47 91841871)
General inquiries: Jon Kummen (+47 90821195)