ICT in Public Sector (eGovernment)

The eGovernment program aims to strengthen existing research and to establish new research and education within ICT in the Public Sector at NTNU.

This will be achieved by coordinating and stimulating activities; utilizing interdisciplinary means, a broad approach, and technology- and problem competence within eGovernment research in the many environments both at NTNU, and across public and commercial organizations.

The Program will from the start focus on areas anchored in the eNorge 2009 plan, specifically how ICT is relevant relative to the following areas:

  • A democratic knowledge society which ensures participation possibilities for all
  • Simpler cooperation between citizens, businesses and the public sector
  • A more appropriately governed society
  • Effective and efficient development, evolution and maintenance of public IT-solutions
  • Practical implementation of ICT solutions in the public sector

Professor John Krogstie, IDI, NTNU

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