Information Security

Information security is to an increasing degree crucial for the implementation and acceptance of new information systems into our society.

Open systems
The use of open systems is especially challenging, for example within health, finance and trade, public and private administration, media and entertainment, communication and transportation, and within the ICT industry itself.

Web technology
The challenges for analysis and construction of technology for information security will increase dramatically when the number of users, functionality, distribution, and sharing of resources increase. Internet-based web technology encompasses many of these challenges and indicates a pressing need for extensive research within this field.

Field of research
The basis for technology and methods (analysis, design, and construction) for information security includes:

  • Hardware-based mechanisms (electronics security, core modes, signal generation)
  • Cryptology (primitives, protocols, and models)
  • Software (language/mechanisms/methods/tools)
  • System mechanisms (functionality in operating systems, database systems, communications protocols, networks)
  • Methodology (formal logic, evaluation criteria, threat and vulnerability analysis, revision, and best operating practise and sets of rules)

Professor Stig Frode Mjølsnes, Department of Telematics

Programme committee

  • Associate Professor Aslak Bakke Buan, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor Svein Johan Knapskog, Department of Telematics and Q2S CoE
  • Professor Torbjørn Skramstad, Departmen16.06.2005
  • Associate Professor Øystein Nytrø, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Professor Jan Hovden, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
  • Director Alf Hansen, Uninett Fas
  • Professor Einar J. Aas, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Forskningssjef Eldfrid Øfsti Øvstedal, SINTEF IKT

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