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English-speaking study programmes

Study programmes that require a bachelors degree or master's degree.

2 year Master's study programmes

3 year PhD study programmes


Scandinavian-speaking study programmes

Study programmes that requires you to speak a Scandinavian language.

3 year Bachelor study programmes

5 year Master's study programmes

2 year Master's study programmes


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Centre for Excellence in Higher Education (SFU)

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The SFU initiative represents a focused and long-term effort in order to stimulate the development of education and innovative approaches in higher education at the bachelor and master levels.

The ambition of the initiative is to contribute to the development of excellent quality in higher education and to highlight the fact that teaching and research are equally important activities for universities and university colleges.


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Master's studies
Berit Hellan

 Berit Hellan


PhD studies

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Academic adviser
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Rune Sætre