Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Exchange Students

You can apply to stay for one or two semesters as an exchange student or free mover at NTNU.

Most of our courses are open to all exchange students accepted by NTNU.
You are responsible for having the prerequired knowledge for courses you attend.

IE-faculty information meeting will take place

                       - Monday 9. January 2017 at 10:15-11:15. Location: Electro building room EL6.

Courses taught in English

Courses at master's level are usually taught in English.
Exams are in English, and most textbooks used are English.

Courses are usually given once a year. Either in the autumn or the spring semester.

Our Courses Covers the Fields of:

  • Communication Networks and Networked Services 
  • Computer Science and Informatics  -  [Course Dependencies]
  • Electronics
  • Electric Power and Energy and Environmental Engineering 
  • Engineering Cybernetics
  • Mathematics

Courses taught in English


Projects, Specialization, and Master's Thesis

If you wish to complete a master's thesis, project, or a specialization course your application will be considered on an individual basis.

Courses to Avoid

  • Courses at PhD level are normally not open to exchange students.
  • EiT (Experts in Teamwork) are normally not open to exchange students.
  • The courses IT2901 and IT3604 are restricted and not recommended for exchange students.
  • The courses IT3402, TT3010, and TDT4290 are not open for exchange students.


Apply to the Office of International Relations

Visit the web pages of the NTNU Office of international relations to learn more about:


Student Advisor

Kristoffer Halseth