Section refers to the PhD Regulation for NTNU.


Nomination should be made in collaboration with your supervisor at least 3 months prior to the defence of the thesis. The doctoral candidate must submit an application to have his/her thesis examined to the department. The application shall be addressed to the faculty, and include thesis electronically (in the first phase) or in pre-print and the required enclosures. The candidate is responsible for obtaining all required documentation.

The application for assessment of the thesis may be submitted only after the required coursework or other academic training has been approved. Completed academic training, minimum 30 credits, is to be documented. The examination transcripts may be ordered at the studentweb, or at the Department or Faculty administration.

All relevant forms: (

The following documents must be given/enclosed with the application:

  • The thesis prepared in the approved format and in accordance with NTNU's rules, in the form and with the number of copies stipulated by the Faculty. (The faculty approve that the thesis is handed in electronically in the first phase, instructions for form and design is provided by the suppliers). The faculty recommends not to use abbreviations in the title of the thesis, except for  widely known abbreviations.

  • Documentation of required permission (if required); cf. Section 5.1.

  • Declarations from co-authors where required in terms of Section 10.1.

  • Statement specifying whether the doctoral work is being submitted for assessment for the first or second time; and statement that the doctoral work has not been submitted for assessment at another institution. (To be checked/specified in the application form).

  • Statement from the main supervisor

Statement from the department is forwarded to the faculty. If recommended it should include a proposal for an assessment committee. The administrator of the assessment committee shall check that these declarations are available, cf. PhD Regulations section 13.3 and section 10.1.

The faculty appoint the assessment committee, and appoint an administrator. The administrator or department inform the committee about the process, submit the dissertation, together with the Guidelines for Evaluation of Norwegian Doctoral Degrees.

The PhD candidate has the opportunity to correct formal errors in the thesis after submission. The candidate must then prepare a complete list of the errors (errata) that he/she wishes to correct and submit this at the latest 4 weeks before the assessment committee's deadline for submission of its report. Correction of formal errors may take place only once, (Section 15.4).

The assessment committee evaluate the thesis, trial lecture and defence.


The administrator of the evaluation committee shall submit a separate form for recommendation of the evaluation committee and the title of the trial lecture to the faculty at least 5 weeks before the public defence.

Guidelines for the crediting of scientific publications to institutions

The general rule is that a doctoral candidate should list both the degree-giving and collaborative institutions in publications that are part of the thesis work. It requires that both parties actually contribute with guidance on the candidate's publications. This means that NTNU is used as the author's address in addition to the candidate's employer if NTNU have provided a "significant contribution" through the guidance, equipment, working or otherwise. The guidelines support of this the parties' joint responsibility to the candidate in the PhD program.

Print of thesis

Printing must be completed at latest 4 weeks before the public defence. Two copies of the thesis should be sent to the faculty. The Department sends the thesis directly to the assessment committee members, and set a date for the defence. The Department do also send 5 copies of the thesis to the National Library of Norway. The thesis is then made publicly available to the public within 3 weeks before the public defence, cf. Section 18.2.

Contact your department and supervisor for more information on how and where to get your thesis printed according to binding agreements at NTNU, and number of copies the department covers. The final thesis must have an ISBN number, follow link to receive your ISBN number.

Information om format of thesis and order form for doctoral candidates (final print) is provided by the suppliers:

Publish your doctoral thesis in NTNU Open

Make your thesis available in fulltext via NTNU Open after your defence. NTNU Open is NTNU's archive and publishing service for scientific publications. Fill out the author's agreement (form provided in link below) to authorise the Library to publish your thesis Open Access. You do not have to send the thesis to the library. After your Phd defence the library automatically receives a digital file from the printing office/providers. Further information on how to Publish your doctoral thesis in NTNU Open.

Defence and the trial lecture

The faculty will inform the candidate of the title of the trial lecture 10 working days ahead of the public defence. The faculty make an announcement of the defence and trial lecture on the basis of practical information given by the department.

The assessment committee submits its report to the Faculty in which it explains how it has assessed the public defence of the thesis. In the report, the thesis is to be considered in relation to international standards in the subject, with a conclusion stating that the defence should be approved or not approved.

Practical details for the members of the committee, trial lecture and defence (hotel, room, flowers, lunch) are taken care of by the department.