Engineering geology laboratories

– Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering

Research and teaching in the field of geology and mineral resources engineering involves the use of a number of laboratories for the processing and analysis of materials with widely varying properties.

The department utilizes several laboratories together with collaborating departments, and operates a number of labs in concert with SINTEF. In addition to the department's research projects and those of students, these facilities are used to conduct a considerable degree of contract research.

Our laboratories fall into the following categories:

  • Chemical/Mineralogical lab
  • Microscopy lab
  • Electron microscope laboratory
  • Mineral processing lab
  • HES laboratory
  • Sliplaboratorium
  • Particle technology laboratory
  • Geological Engineering laboratory
  • Rock mechanics laboratory

All laboratory operations do require some degree of technical assistence, maintenance and assembly, and key contacts for each area are listed on subsequent pages. In addition to the department's technical staff, the facilities and staff at the NT-workshop (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology) are actively utilized. The NT-workshop is a modern mechanical workshop located adjacent to our laboratories on the first floor.


  • Gemini Centre for Underground Technology (SINTEF/NTNU)
    The research communities at SINTEF and NTNU working with problems connected to underground technology have established the Gemini Centre for Underground Technology.