Dept. of Geology & Mineral Resources Engineering



The main aim of our activities is to secure a good and sustainable value creation of our geological resources. This concerns not only mineralogical resources, such as oil/gas, groundwater and industrial minerals, but also how we use rocks as building foundations for tunnels and caverns and, last but not least, how, through research and teaching, we can secure a safer environment for people who are threatened by rock avalanches, landslides and other geological natural disasters.

Some of our focus areas:

Engineering geology and rock mechanics

In engineering geology stability of mountainsides has become a priority research area. The reason for this is that it has become more and more clear that large landslides occur in Norwegian fjords. Historically several such large landslides have occurred, and one knows that in the future more will occur.  Continue reading 

Mineral production and HSE

Norway is rich in industrial minerals, and apart from limestone for cement, provides over 30% of Western Europe’s needs. Through our cross-disciplinary Strategic University Programme we investigate and evaluate the potential in Norway for quartz as a raw material for solar panel production. In addition to traditional dressing technology for purification of quartz, we also focus on the use of mechanical activation to produce mineral products of special quality. Continue reading

Resource / Oil Geology

Within resource/oil geology we work at different scales from reservoir description and interpretation, including sedimentology and microanalysis, to basin scale and mathematical resource evaluation.
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The department library maintains a collection of doctoral theses spanning many years. If you are interested in something specific it is possible to search NTNU's thesis database using the University Library's search engine .

See also, an overview of completed master's theses with the department (pdf Norwegian only).