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Stressed mineral

The main aim of our activities is to secure a good and sustainable value creation of our geological resources. This concerns not only mineralogical resources, such as oil/gas, groundwater and industrial minerals, but also how we use rocks as building foundations for tunnels and caverns and, last but not least, how, through research and teaching, we can secure a safer environment for people who are threatened by rock avalanches, landslides and other geological natural disasters.

Some of our focus areas:


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Engineering Geology:

application of geological knowledge for solving civil and mining engineering challenges and promoting sustainable use of the ground.
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Mineral production and HES:

comprise methods and technologies for extracting minerals and metals from the Earth to provide essential and valuable raw materials for today’s and tomorrow’s society. Mineral resources are non-renewable and their extraction carries with it a strong social and environmental obligation.
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Research Projects

Master Theses and Specialization Projects

Here you will find the Master Theses and other Projects that have been carried out by students at the Institute.

Since 2006, Master Theses can be found in DAIM.

PhD Theses

Doctoral Theses can be found in NTNU's digital archive – NTNU Open.


Publications are searchable in Cristin (Current research information system in Norway).

Publications by staff at the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering (2000 - 2016).