Resource & Oil Geology

Within resource/oil geology we work at different scales from reservoir description and interpretation, including sedimentology and microanalysis, to basin scale and mathematical resource evaluation.


In the cross-disciplinary SOP project ”Subseismic reservoir description”, in cooperation with the Department of Petroleum Technology and Applied Geophysics , real geological data is used as a starting point to calculate the distribution of petrophysical data which can in turn be used to model and interpret seismic signals. The aim is to be able to interpret seismic response in heterolithological reservoir sandstones in more detailed scale than previously with the integration between sedimentology and seismic.

Parallell with this project we have an Institute research fellow in sedimentology who is working with correlation of sandstone units in coal-bearing sandstones with material from Statoil (Heidrum Field). This project will include the possible effect of compaction and diagenesis on the properties and correlation of lithological units. Carbonate reservoirs is a theme for two other externally financed doctoral projects.

In a project supported by strategic funding from NTNU we are using a relatively new SEM/EBSD (Scanning Electron Microscope/electron back-scatter diffraction) method for the study of quartz overgrowths on sand grains in deep reservoirs. Such mineral overgrowths have negative influence on reservoir quality as they reduce porosity and thereby the oil potential in deep reservoirs.

IGB is deeply involved with one person (RSL) central in the arrangement committee for the 33rd IGC (International Geological Congress) in 2008 (and the International Year of the Planet Earth). One of the sub-themes in connection with the launching of the “International Year of the Planet Earth” concerns resources. Relevant to this is a cooperative doctoral project between IGB and the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering (BAT, NTNU), which is investigating confrontational elements connected to the use of global geo-resources.

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I SOP-prosjektet er feltblotninger eller borkjerner basis for digital representasjon av porøsitet og modellering av seismikk


EBSD krystallorienteringsbilde og optisk bilde av kvarts fra dyptliggende sansteinsreservoar.