Engineering Geology & Rock Mechanics


In engineering geology stability of mountainsides has become a priority research area. The reason for this is that it has become more and more clear that large landslides occur in Norwegian fjords. Historically several such large landslides have occurred, and one knows that in the future more will occur.

In order to avoid loss of life it is important to predict as accurately as possible when a landslide will occur. The institute cooperates with several other R&D institutes within the “Geohazards” Centre of Excellence on this problem and has at the present two doctoral students working on “Long time deformation and creep in natural mountain slopes” and “Stability of high natural mountain slopes".

Several Master and PhD projects are included in our activities within the International Centre for Geohazards. In principle the work has three parts: first the geometry/potential type of slide should be established, second the factors (frictional conditions, water pressure) which influence stability closely investigated, and finally the actual stability calculation be made. The work involves both demanding physical activity in the form of extensive fieldwork in steep and difficult mountain terrain, extensive laboratory investigations and advanced numerical modelling on computers.

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Ingeniørgeologisk feltarbeid utføres i de mest fantastiske naturområder i Norge.