Around 60 scholars are affiliated to the Department of History and Classical Studies, of which 25 are tenured. The research at the department covers all time periods from antiquity to the contemporary era.

This includes a group of Classical philologists, both Latin and Greek. The rest of the staff consists mostly of historians. An important field of research is Norwegian and Norse Viking age and medieval history, we also have several researchers working on early modern history.

More than half the staff specializes on the 19th and 20th century. Their specializations include: International political history, history of technology, history of science, economic history, labor history, European integration and cultural heritage. Around half the staff concentrates their scholarship on Norwegian history.

The staff is active in several large research projects. These include: The Realm of Norway, The Norwegian Constitution of 1814 and the regions, Organisation Todt and Slave Labor and the history of Veritas.