India 2011

India on film

For many, Indian cinema is synonymous with the great musicals of Bollywood. However, Bollywood film comprises only a portion of the enormous film industry of India. Outside the Bollywood system, Indian films are produced in large scale and with great variety. With a yearly production of over 1000 feature films in over 20 different languages, Indian film represents a multitude and a diversity that is reflected by the country itself; spectacular genre hybrids, escapism, social realism, documentary and experimental are just some of the keywords here. In addition, a growing number of expatriated Indian filmmakers have gained attention internationally in recent years, making the Indian diaspora a place to look for innovations in transnational cinema.

Through a variety of film screenings, exhibitions by Indian filmmakers and an extensive film symposium, India on Film will focus on popular cinema, documentary film, and experimental film produced in India and by the Indian diaspora.

India on Film is a collaboration between Department of Art and Media Studies (NTNU), Cinemateque in Trondheim, Kosmorama Trondheim International Filmfestival, and Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art.

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