Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering


Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering has about 65 per cent of Norwegian university education and research within its disciplines. This means it has great influence on and responsibility for new information-based industrial developments and development within other areas of society which apply information and communication technology. Both its research and education are at a high international level.

The Faculty hosts and participates in Centres of Excellence (CoE), with the intention to bring more Norwegian researchers and research groups up to a high international standard. The CoEs are devoted to long-term, basic research.

The Faculty has the largest number of students at Master and PhD levels in Norway within its disciplines. Basic education is given in all disciplines that apply these central subjects. Dissemination of know-how and skills to society is done by graduates of the faculty and active cooperation with industry and the public sector. External project work by students and the building of research partnerships in Norway and abroad are also important activities here. The position of women in our central areas has been strengthened in recent years.

PhD at the IME Faculty

International researchers are an important part of our academic community. Our goal is to give new researchers the information they need to make moving to NTNU as easy as possible. Visit PhD at IME.