Big Data research project, NTNU

As we move toward an era where the digitisation of information is more and more on demand, the overall amount of data takes an exponential growth. The research area BigData has emerged to precisely tackle the vast amounts of data generated, as well as to investigate the strong societal impacts incurred by the explosion of data in the society. The Faculty for Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at NTNU has hence established in 2013 an interdisciplinary research group who will concentrate its efforts around two main thematic research areas: a) industry-relevant innovation, e.g. mining the Web for trend analysis or product and service recommendation; and b) improved healthcare, i.e. mining genomics and health record data for novel insights into age-related diseases.

BigData StructureThe Four V's of BigData

Supporting BigData Analytics

BigData as a concept refers to data that is so large in volume, moving at an unforeseen velocity, with such a high variation in structure and very often veracious in nature that - to be fully exploited, explored and to derive its value - the developement of new techniques and systems is required.

The figure to the left depicts a generic architecture for how data from different sources, including the Social Media, medical records, DNA sequences and communication data are typically dealt with. The architecture consists of three main steps: data collection, processing and analysis, as well as value extraction. The ultimate research goal of our team is to develop a computational and statistical framework that can help us extract value from vast amounts of data.


Coordinator: Heri Ramampiaro
General inquiries: Jon Kummen

BigData People


BigData aims to disseminate its research results to the scientific community through scientific publications, as well as seminars and Magazines. 

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Currently, BigData is contributing to the following projects:

  • EU Projects: PRESIOUS (FP7) and AMIDST (FP7)
  • FRIPRO: ExiBiDa (Exploring new dimensions in Big Data) 
  • Several doctoral projects

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