Open and Autonomous Digital Ecosystems

- A lighthouse project at IME Faculty

'Digital ecosystems' is a metaphor inspired by natural ecosystems to describe a distributed, adaptive, and open socio-technical system. Such systems are characterized by self-organization, autonomous subsystems, continuous evolution, scalability and sustainability, providing both economic and social value. In our context, digital ecosystem encompasses both ICT services and digital infrastructures, and their interactions with its surroundings. Prime technological challenges in such systems are the lack of coordinated engineering and management. In particular, we aim for a holistic view on services and infrastructures, focusing on the relationships and dependencies between communication networks, data storage, service provisioning and development, and management of services and infrastructure.

A digital ecosystem, in our context, will consider how this holistic technology system interacts with its surroundings including end-users, organizations, economics markets, businesses and other stakeholders, and society as a whole; dealing with systems (less centralized than traditional systems), which are governed by rules and decisions that are technical, economical, and legal.


The long-term vision is to establish a research infrastructure and provide research results, covering a holistic view on how technologies and infrastructures needed to provide ICT services should be build, governed and interact with its actors in the societal and business world and maintain a functionality, robustness and performance that is suited for the needs of society.

Research Sub-Areas

  1. Software Engineering for Large Scale Ecosystems
  2. Ecosystem business models  and architecture
  3. Ecosystem shared data
  4. Qualitative Modeling of Digital Ecosystems

Working method

The group will aim at scientific excellence by
1) targeting leader conferences and journals in the field
2) aiming at attracting funding and interests from leading National and International programs
3) aiming at cooperating with leading research organizations and companies.

Application domain

Important application areas where we are doing work are the oil and gas sector, the public sector (with emphasis on application of open data) and the smart electricity grid, cloud computing paradigm.

Contact persons

Department of Computer and Information Science - IDI
Letizia Jaccheri (project responsible)
Reidar Conradi
Jon Atle Gulla
John Krogstie
Kjetil Nørvåg
Guttorm Sindre

Department of Telematics - ITEM
Bjarne Helvik
Poul Heegaard
Harald Øverby

Department of Electrical Power Engineering - Elkraft
Marta Molinas