IME SIG: Cryptology


The following contact persons have all agreed to participate and contribute.

  • IMF - Bakke, Buan and Gjøsteen
  • IET - Skaar and Makarov
  • ITEM - Mjølsnes and Gligoroski
  • Q2S - Knapskog

Currently, the SIG Cryptology will relate to 9 professors, 6 post docs and 16 PhD students.


The Cryptology SIG will organize a basis for visible and dynamic cross departmental research activity in cryptology, aiming both for mutual scientific inspiration and coordination, and for external project funding from the research council and other sources while interacting with industry and public administration partners.


SIG Cryptology includes both cryptography and cryptanalysis. Cryptographic functions and protocols comprise the most important set of mechanisms for achieving security in information and communication technology. A few of many information security goals are privacy, confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, anonymity, non-repudiation, certification, verifiability. The theoretical foundations for modern cryptology are information theory, computational complexity, algebra and number theory. One grand challenge of this field is the fundamental but unproven assumption of computational one-way functions. Another grand challenge is secure composition of cryptographic protocols. The researchers in SIG will cover several technical approaches to the field, including cryptographic protocols and their applications in digital communications, construction and analysis of cryptographic functions, quantum cryptography and analysis, quality metrics and analysis, cryptographic technology construction and application, algebra and number theory, formal proof techniques.


SIG Group Chair: Professor Stig F. Mjølsnes