High performance computing

Allocation of computing time

BFU allocates computer time internally at NTNU in accordance with the following criteria:

  • All users must have credentials to work on the system.
  • NTNU users can apply to the Research Council of Norway for computing time in connection with PhD work, or for large research projects. Those who are not awarded time by the Research Council can be given time by NTNU. The Research Council's scientific evaluation will be used as a basis for NTNU's allocations.
  • Research groups and individual researchers can be allocated computing time for minor experimental research, work associated with teaching, master's thesis work, preparation for PhD work, and limited teaching.
  • Departments are allocated a yearly quota for use in teaching and research in accordance with payments they have made.
  • External projects and private customers can also apply for computing time. The normal price for external operations is 27 kr. per CPU-hour.

You can be allocated computing time either by the Research Council of Norway or by NTNU. The Research Council controls approximately 50 % of all computing time, as a result of its financial support for the collaborative. Scientific users are allocated computing time by the Research Council's allocation committee via Uninett. There are fixed application deadlines.

NTNU's allocation of computing time is approximately 30 % of the capacity of the computing systems based at the university. There is available capacity, and NTNU users are encouraged to apply for computing time. Computing time is allocated on an ongoing basis and there is no application deadline. Users of NTNU's computing time have easier access to the system than Research Council users because NTNU has fewer users.


NOTUR has the ability to obtain software for general research use. Overview of available software.

NTNU users who would like additional software should send a brief justification of their requirements to Jon Kummen. BVV submits NTNU's requests for new software to Uninett.

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