Cooperation with industry

A significant amount of the faculty's research is carried out in co-operation with industry and with government departments.

Types of co-operation

  • Direct contact on a scientific basis between our academic staff and colleagues in industry are vital. There is considerable variation in methods.
  • Co-operation in research projects with finance from the Norwegian Research Council, the EU and similar bodies.
  • Formal co-operative agreements have been established with Telenor and Gjensidige. The purpose of such formal agreements is to establish a good basis for comprehensive academic co-operation, which can cover research, scholarship programmes, exchange of personnel, student projects, education, further education or other conditions of interest to the company. The faculty has produced a standard form of contractual agreement and is working on setting up more co-operative agreements.

Please contact Jon Kummen for more information.

Start-up companies

These are some of the companies that have been started with faculty members involved:

Q-Free designs, develops, markets and supports hardware and software that ensures reliable handling of payment and information in automated payment solutions.

Atmel Norway AS develops and markets AVR Flash microcontrollers.

Nordic Semiconductor
Nordic Semiconductor is a global semiconductor company that specializes in wireless communication and completes reading digital and analog circuits.

Falanx developed 3D graphics solutions for high performance and low power consumption. In 2006 the company was acquired by ARM.

Mison develops high-precision ultrasound solutions with 3D visualization for medical use.

Fast Search & Transfer develops search and filtering technology employed in companies with large search challenges.

Marine Cybernetics
CyberSea technology enables Marine Cybernetics to perform a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation to test practically any control system for errors and robustness.

SlideDog is a company that develops software for easier handling of presentation materials and real-time interaction with the audience.