Introduction seminar for PhD-students

PhD students are important for the recruitment of well qualified academic staff and a cornerstone in the research activities of NTNU. Experience has shown that there are some challenges related to the initiation of the study, the continued research activities and process of writing up the final thesis. Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering is therefore trying to improve the procedures for the start-up as well as the continued progress evaluation of the PhD studies. Important activities in this process are to:

  • provide the students with important background information
  • start the process of reflection on required activities, possible challenges and priorities in completing a PhD degree at NTNU
  • strengthen the procedures around the preparation of a research plan, in order to facilitate the continued research work and to finalize the thesis.

The mandatory PhD introduction seminar shall be taken at the first opportunity after what occurs first of the "start date for employment" or "admission" for the PhD education. PhD introduction seminars are arranged each semester.

Other relevant competences

Contact: Harald Lenschow

PhD introductionseminar
24. October 2014 (1st day)

Rica Nidelven Hotel

Chaired by Vice Dean professor Bjarne E. Helvik


Programme at a glance:

PhD Introductionseminar
5. November 2014 (2nd day)

Gløshaugen, G144