The SmartGrid Research Initiative

Norway is rich on renewable energy sources and has a long history of deployment of these. However, the EU renewable energy and emission targets have introduced large challenges for the development and operation of the whole European electricity supply system. These ambitious targets have initiated many research programs to make it possible to achieve these goals. The SmartGrid is considered to be one of the important tools to make a seamless integration of all kind of energy sources, to facilitate the end-user participation and to utilize the transmission and distribution infrastructure.

As an important contributor to renewable energy sources, a Norwegian national centre for SmartGrid is under development. The initiative includes participation from universities, research organizations as well as a significant involvement from industry. The initiative cover disciplines as electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunication, telematics, cybernetics, end-user participation, business models and well as societal aspects. A national SmartGrid laboratory is also under development together with demonstration projects. SmartGrid will be an important research topic in the coming years and currently eleven positions are vacant.

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