Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering


For Upper Secondary School Students

All our undergraduate programmes of study are taught in Norwegian.

Programme of Study Degree Years
Communication Technology Master 5
Computer Science Master 5
Cybernetics and Robotics Master 5
Electronics Systems Design and Innovation  Master 5
Energy and Environmental Engineering Master 5
Informatics Bachelor 3
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor 3
Mathematical Sciences One-year programme 1
Natural Science with Teacher Education Master 5


For Bachelor Students

Programmes of Study Degree Years Language 
Computer Science Master 2 Norwegian
Cybernetics and Robotics Master 2 Norwegian
Electric Power Engineering Master 2 English
Electronics Systems Design Master 2 English
Embedded Computing Systems Master / Erasmus Mundus 2 English
Energy Use and Energy Planning Master 2 Norwegian
Industrial Cybernetics Master 2 Norwegian
Informatics Master 2 Norwegian
Information Systems Master 2 English
Mathematical Sciences Master 2 English
Security and Mobile Computing Master / Erasmus Mundus 2 English
Telematics – Communication Networks and Networked Services Master 2 English
Wind Energy Master / Erasmus Mundus 2 English


For Master Students

English is the language of instruction for PhD programmes.

Programmes of Study Degree Years
Electronics and Telecommunication PhD 3
Electric Power Engineering PhD 3
Engineering Cybernetics PhD 3
Information Technology PhD 3
Mathematical Sciences PhD 3
Medical Technology (cross disiplinary) PhD 3
Telematics PhD 3

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Computer Science

Kristian DrøsshaugKristian Drøsshaug
Ellen Beate HoveEllen Beate Hove

Electronics System Design and Innovation

Astrid HatlenAstrid Hatlen

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Kristoffer HalsethKristoffer Halseth


Kristian DrøsshaugKristian Drøsshaug

Communication Technology

Astrid HatlenAstrid Hatlen

Cybernetics and Robotics

Ellen Beate HoveEllen Beate Hove

Natural Science with Teacher Education

Chris Helen Kvendseth SolvollChris Helen Kvendseth Solvoll
Sølvi Bente SønvisenSølvi Bente Sønvisen

Mathematical Sciences

Anniken SkotvollAnniken Skotvoll
Sølvi Bente SønvisenSølvi Bente Sønvisen