The Analysis Group

The research activities of the analysis group lie mainly within the areas of complex and harmonic analysis, and operator algebra and functional analysis.

The following are some of the research areas the analysis group is involved in.

  • Operator related function theory
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Dirichlet series
  • Several complex variables
  • Geometric function theory
  • Time-frequency analysis
  • Spaces of analytic and harmonic functions
  • Continued fractions and moment problems
  • Discrete models for differential equations
  • Problem of uniqueness and continuation for linear elliptic operators
  • Operator algebras: C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras with applications to: topological dynamics, crossed product algebras, quantum groups, ordered K-theory/dimension groups
  • Symbolic dynamics and C*-algebras associated to symbolic dynamic systems
  • Mathematical physics: Physical models over local fields; finite approximations properties of physical models

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