Department of Marine Technology

Getting here

From Trondheim Airport (Vaernes)
To downtown Trondheim:

Three main trasport options from the airport into Trondheim:

1.  There is a "flybuss" (airport shuttle) taking you directly from the airport to downtown Trondheim. Shuttle busses are located outside Terminal A (domestic arrivals) and depart according actual plane arrivals. The current prize is NOK 90 (as of Aug. 2009), and 70 NOK for students presenting a valid student ID: payment in cash (NOK) or by international credit card. Account for about an hour drive, depending on your final destination. The shuttle stops outside several hotels downtown, with "Lerkendal Stadion" as terminus. This is also the nearest to the university main campus "Gløshaugen" whereas the most convenient stop for visitors heading for the Marine Technology Centre at Tyholt is called "Strindheim". From there you will catch a local bus (#20 - opposite stop: use the underground road crossing) or catch a taxi.

2.  You may also preorder a "flytaxi" from Trondertaxi that takes you to a location you determine when you order the airport taxi. However, there may be up to two other passengers in the taxi with different destinations, and the location of the end stop determines who gets off first (each of the three persons may have different end points). The trip per person costs NOK 285 (as of Sept. 2008) and can be ordered from Trondertaxi by dialing 07373 or +47 93007373. It should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

A competing service is offered by NorgesTaxi (phone 08000 or 81001810) with fares starting from NOK 290 (as of Sept. 2008), but they have fewer taxis.

You will find all airport taxis to your left after exiting Terminal A or to your right if you are coming out of Terminal B (international flights).

3.  A regular taxi will cost at least NOK 800 (as of Aug. 2009). Fixed rates are also offered. 

From  downtown Trondheim
To the Marine Technology Centre (MTS), Tyholt

Look for "Tyholt, Marin teknikk" in this map. It shows also all other facilities of NTNU. See the Tyholt campus, as well as floor plans for the building to aid you in find the room/office you are looking for. Note that the ground floor is accounted as "1st floor" (1. etasje) in Norwegian.

The bus #60 and #20 go from the city center to the campus. Information about public transport in Trondheim. The Team Traffikk website offers an oracle service, allowing you to ask full text questions in English as in: "When does the bus go from the city centre to Otto Nielsensvei 10 after 1800 on monday?". Try out the "Bus oracle"

The campus is situated near the TV-tower in the Tyholt area.

From downtown Trondheim
To theTrondheim Airport

For your return trip to the airport, you will again have a choice of the airport shuttle, an airport taxi or a regular taxi.  The "flybuss" (airport shuttle) leaves every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes on Saturdays) from Lerkendal stadion, and takes approximately 50 minutes to the airport. You may also order a "flytaxi" (as described above) or use a regular taxi.