Department of Marine Technology

Marine Systems Group

- Design and Operation of Complex Marine Systems

The Marine Systems Research Group (MSRG) is one of two groups at the Department of Marine Technology, NTNU. The group was formed by the merging of the two departments Marine Design and Marine Engineering, in parallel with the Marine Structures Group formed by the merging of Marine Construction and Marine Hydrodynamics.

The academic staff currently consists of 11 full time positions, of which 6 are full professors, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 1 university lecturer position, and 1 qualification fellowship. In addition, the group has 4 Professor Emeritus, and 4 adjunct professors in part time positions.

There are several PhD students in the group, from Norway, France, Spain, Ireland, South-Korea, China, to name a few.

The Marine Systems Group teaches and does research on all major aspects of marine systems, such as machinery, maritime transport systems, offshore oil and gas installations, and offshore energy production systems. We focus on system design and operation, as well as interaction and adaptation to the surroundings in a total life cycle perspective.


Marine Systems is part of ROSS Gemini Centre

The Marine Systems Group is a member of ROSS Gemini Centre. ROSS is an acronym for the Norwegian title "Risiko- og sårbarhetsstudier" which is translated into "Reliability and Safety Studies". Risk and safety are very important topics in development and during operation of all kinds of marine systems. The ROSS Gemini Centre is a cooperation between several departments at NTNU and SINTEF. Contact: Ingrid Bouwer Utne

Marine Systems Group

Research Group Leader: 

Stein Ove Erikstad

Postal/visiting address:
Department of Marine Technology
Marinteknisk Senter
O. Nielsens vei 10, Tyholt
NO 7491 Trondheim


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