Department of Marine Technology

Marine Construction Research Group

The Marine Constructions Group educates and conducts research in the fields of  hydrodynamics and load effect analyisis on all types of marine structues; including ships, oil platforms, and pipelines. The research group works closely with the department's other research groups, MARINTEK and with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure.


Our key activities are related to

  • Wave induced movements and loads of marine structures
  • Vortex relief around marine structues
  • Viscous attenuation
  • Properties and sea loads on rapidly moving vessels
  • Hydroelacticity / Slamming
  • Wave description. Breaking waves
  • Stocatic analysis of waves and wave induced response variables
  • Ships resistance and propulsion. Propulsion theory, thrusters, water jet crafts
  • Marine cybernetics
  • Capacity analysis of steal, aluminium, and compsite constructions
  • Load impact analysis of marine structures
  • Reliability and risk analysis
  • Fatique and fracture mechanics
  • Collapse analysis


Ship Propulsion in Extreme Seas
Kontakt: Sverre Steen

Marine CFD (Strategic University Program)
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Kontakt: Dag Myrhaug og Bjørnar Pettersen

Think tank explores the future of ship design

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Marine Construction Group

Group Members

Section Leader:
Jørgen Amdahl

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Department of Marine Technology
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