Research areas

Our prioritized research areas are:

  1. Risk and safety management of marine systems
  2. Multi-Level design and operation of complex marine systems
  3. Design and verification of complex energy systems
  4. Sustainable Arctic Shipping

The current three main industry segments addressed by the group, namely shipping, offshore oil & gas, and fisheries & aquaculture, are the three largest exporting sectors in Norway. In addition to being of prime importance to the Norwegian economy, all three sectors have an international reputation of being at the technological forefront. Renewable energy is a growing sector and the group is also working with operational aspects related to offshore wind energy production.

Risk and safety management:

  • Risk assessment methods for design and operation of marine systems
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment, and resilience engineering of maritime transport systems
  • Risk-based maintenance planning and management
Multi-level design and operation of complex marine systems:
  • System Based Design Methods
  • Combined simulation- and optimization based tools for vessel design within a fleet and chain context
  • Stochastic optimization models for robust fleet and vessel designs
  • Low-emission and energy efficient design and operation of  fish catching systems
  • Design of aquaculture farming devices for exposed waters
  • HSE in aquaculture for exposed offshore locations
  • Environmental analysis of sea food production system
Design and verification of complex energy systems:
  • Safe and energy efficient control of production, distribution, and consumption of electric power
Sustainable Artic transport:
  • Design of arctic transport systems considering risk, vulnerability, robustness, economics (CAPEX; OPEX; VOYEX) and uncertainty aspects
  • Performance and risk-based arctic ship design considering considering ice loads, resistance and propulsion in ice, ALS in ice and environmental impact