Department of Marine Technology

Programmes of study

The following degree programmes are associated with the department. Together with our industry and research partners we ensure that these programmes are of the highest quality in the field, and that they meet the needs of needs of Norwegian industry .

International Master's Programmes (Taught in English)

Erasmus Mundus Programmes ( MSc.)

Integrated Master's Programmes (Sivilingeniør)

Doctoral programmes (PhD)

About the PhD programme

The typical length for the PhD programme in Marine Technology is three years,  comprised of one semester of additional study and 2.5 years of dissertation work and research. At any given time the department has about 45 PhD students engaged in a number of research programmes.

  • Scenario-based risk assessment of ship collisions and grounding
  • Marine computational fluid dynamics
  • Energy-efficient all-electric ships

Technology Portal

«TeknologiPorten» is the industry contact organization for advanced degree programmes ( at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. The organization arranges company presentations each semester, academically relevant theme nights, and excursions; serving 2900 MSc. students.

Nordic Five Tech alliance

Nordic Five Tech alliance

NTNU is a member of the Nordic Five Tech, an exclusive, strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.  The universities involved have a strong capacity and a long-standing tradition within research and education. The alliance currently offers two joint MSc.programmes.