The Towing Tanks

Towing tanks shematic

Towing Tanks I and III:

Dynamometers for ship model testing

  1. All dynamometers compatible with computerized data collection and reduction.
  2. Strain gauge based dynamometers for:
    • Towing force
    • Open water tests
    • Propulsion tests
  3. Test equipment for fixed and floating structures measuring:
    • Pressure
    • Forces and moments in six degrees of freedom
    • Displacement in six degrees of freedom
  4. Modular force gauges give flexibility for special instrumentation requirements.
  5. 3 dimensional wake measurements by use of 5-holes pitot tubes.
  6. Strain gauges and inductive propeller nozzle dynamometers.
  7. Selspot opto-electronic system for motion measurements in six degrees of freedom.

Towing tank II

The small towing tank is primarily intended for student use. It is equipped with a wave maker and a towing carriage.