Past Master's Theses

Past Master's Theses

A collection of Master's Theses produced at the Industrial Ecology Programme in the period from 2002 to 2013.

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Name Department Thesis Title Supervisor (s)
Master's Theses at Industrial Ecology
Andres Tominaga MSc in Industrial Ecology Barriers and solutions for closed-loop aluminium and recycling Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, EPT
Arthur Chan MSc in Industrial Ecology Characterisations and interventions of the water-energy nexus in urban water systems Prof. Helge Brattebø, EPT
Christian Fredric Sundvor Energy & Environment Energibruk i transportsektoren Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Caroline Persson Hager MSc in Industrial Evology, Environmental Management and Politic Skiftende bris? - En casestudie av de største endringene i norsk vindkraftpolitikk i perioden 1990 til 2012 Associate Professor Espen Moe, SVT
Erika Palmer MSc in Industrial Evology, Environmental Management and Politic Developing and Integrating Life Cycle Management Methods in Project Management SystemsCase: Faveo Prosjektledelse AS Associate Professor John E. Hermansen, IØT
Felipe Vasquez MSc in Industrial Ecology LCA of H2 Fuel Cell Vehicles

Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT

Gro Gilstad Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of Secondary Aluminium Refining Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT, and Johanne Hammervold (MiSA)
Hyun Doc Choi MSc in Industrial Ecology Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment of Steel production with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Jørgen Westrum Thorsen MSc in Industrial Ecology Improving the representation of maritime transport in the EXIOBASE MRIO dataset Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Karina Nilsen MSc in Industrial Ecology, Environmental Management and Politic Implementering av CSR-strategi Prof. Annik Magerholm Fet, IØT
Kristine Bekkelund Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of Thin Film Solar Panels Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Lisbeth Jeanette Bøe Energy & Environment Life cycle assessment of novel CCS technologies Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Lisbeth Vestrum MSc in Industrial Ecology Dynamic modeling of future building related C&D waste in Norway Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, EPT
Magnus I. Vestrum MSc in Industrial Ecology Feed alternatives and phosphorus efficiency of the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture system Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, EPT
Mari Hellvik Kvadsheim Energy & Environment Livsløpsvurdering av avsaltet vann for meroljeproduksjon Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Marie Schau Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of Ventilation System Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Marina Zabrodina MSc in Industrial Ecology Regional Substance Flow Analysis for Assessment of Long-term Phosphorus Accumulation in Soil Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, EPT
Martha Marie Øberg Energy & Environment Livsløpsvurdering av drivstoffvalg for marine fartøy Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Mie Sparby Fuglseth Energy & Environment Life cycle impacts of upgrading a 2-lane highway to a 4-lane modern highway Prof. Helge Brattebø, EPT
Monica Kviljo Energy & Environment What is the potential of replacing coal based power generation with bioenergy in Europe? Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Sarah Lasselle MSc in Industrial Ecology Environmental assessment scenarios for CCS deployment within the cement industry Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Master's Theses 2012
Agneta Ghose MSc in Industrial Ecology Life Cycle Assessment of an Active House: Sustainability concepts by integrating energy, environment and well-being Prof. Rolf André Bohne, BAT
Alvaro Robledo-Diez Department of Energy and Process Engineering Life Cycle Assessment on the Conversion of CO2 to Formic Acid Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Anna Karoline Petersen MSc in Industrial Ecology Short and medium chained chlorinated paraffins in buildings and constructions in the EU Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, IVM
Anne Margrethe Lia MSc in Industrial Ecology Life Cycle Assessment of Technical Solutions for High-Speed Rail: Tunnel and Track designs Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT

Anne Zimmer Jacobsen


MSc in Industrial Ecology Livsløpsanalyse av norske landbruksaktiviteter og produkter Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Anthony Pak MSc in Industrial Ecology Use of future world scenarios within an attributional input-output framework

Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT

Blane Grann MSc in Industrial Ecology A Building Information Model (BIM) Based Lifecycle Assessment of a University Hospital Building Built to Passive House Standards Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Carla Gallardo MSc in Industrial Ecology Residential building stocks and flows as dynamic systems: Chilean dwelling stock and energy modeling, including earthquakes. Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Dan Jakob Wangen Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of Power Generation Technologies with CO2 Capture Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman and Researcher Bhawna Singh, EPT
Dmitri Polyakov MSc in Industrial Ecology Environmental analysis from Implementation of In Situ Combustion based Technology on Athabasca Bitumen Reservoirs Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Eléonore Lèbre MSc in Industrial Ecology Modelling environmental benefits of household waste prevention Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Ifat Zur MSc in Industrial Ecology Reduction of Meat Consumption - The Case of Norway Prof. Christian Klökner
Kaja Sofie Fallsen Berg Department of Energy and Process Engineering Determination of the country specific environmental intensities of electricity in Europe: An analysis incorporating different principles for determination of the electricity mix. Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman
Lijun Bai MSc in Industrial Ecology Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation from Low Temperature Waste Heat: The Influence of Working Fluid Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Martin Sveinssøn Energy & Environment Life-cycle assessment of a multi-family Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Matthieu Vachon MSc in Industrial Ecology Nantes' and Oslo's urban water systems: Assessing benefits from water-energy nexus interventions.: Report number D1-2012-36 Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Mita Broca MSc in Industrial Ecology Less is more' : Pathways for Lower Steel Stocks in Developing Countries: An assessment of leapfrogging potentials in transportation D1-2012-38 Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Pratulya Sivashankar MSc in Industrial Ecology Energy and recycling implications of transitions towards light-weight passenger cars Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, IVM
Rasmus Nikolai Nes Energy & Environment Life cycle assessment of an offshore electricity grid interconnecting Northern Europe Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Reyn OBorn MSc in Industrial Ecology From Ground to Gate: A lifecycle assessment of petroleum processing activities in the United Kingdom Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Shraddha Mehta MSc in Industrial Ecology Phosphorus management in the Baltic Sea – historic evidence and future options Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, IVM
Simon James Loveland MSc in Industrial Ecology Spatial aspects of greenhouse gas emissions from transport demands by households in Trondheim Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Uladzimir Volsky MSc in Industrial Ecology Prepare Russia to meet IPCC 2050, based on dynamic MFA approach for greenhouse gas emissions Prof. Daniel Beat Müller, IVM
Master's Theses 2011
Andrea Dìaz Exchange student Social and Environmental Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management Scenarios in Cali: From Landfilling towards Integrated Recycling Schemes Prof.Casper Boks, IPD, PhD Venkatesh Govindarajan, IVM
Carine Grossrieder MSc in Industrial Ecology Life-Cycle assessment of Future High-speed Rail in Norway Prof.Edgar Hertwich, EPT, Dr. Johan Pettersen at MiSA
Christine Birkeland Energy & Environment Assessing the Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Offshore Wind Power Generation and Power Transmission in the North Sea Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT, PhD Anders Arvesen, EPT
Colton Bangs MSc in Industrial Ecology Arming the global aluminium cycle for 2050 -Future projections and climate change mitigation Prof.Daniel Müller,  IVM , PhD Gang Liu, IVM
David Klar MSc in Industrial Ecology Sustainable Dwellings and Intergenerational Equality - New Applications for Ecological Economics: A Systems Thinking Approach PostDoc Cecilia Haskins, IØT
Fatima Z. Kiboub MSc in Industrial Ecology Oil and gas production waste -Case study, Best Available Technologies and shared lessons Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM Ahmed Haddad (ISG Ops Env. Adv.), Statoil collaborators: Knut Åsnes, Marianne B. Tangvald
Gifty Serwaa Mensah MSc in Industrial Ecology Resource recovery from municipal solid waste in Kumasi, Ghana Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM, Prof. Aage Heie, NORSAS
Heidi Marie Karlsson MSc in Industrial Ecology Integration of Social Responsibility into the Norwegian Environmental Certification Scheme Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn): A comparison with ISO 26000 – Guidance on social responsibility Prof. John Eilif Hermansen, IØT
Hilde Kristine Iglebæk MSc in Industrial Ecology The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) and the exclusion principles" Prof. John Eilif Hermansen, IØT
Hrefna Rún Vignisdóttir MSc in Industrial Ecology Life Cycle Assessment of Scenarios for the Icelandic Vehicle Fleet Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Ida Lund Segtnan Energy & Environment Assessing the Environmental Costs and Benefits of Households Electricity Consumption Management Prof. Edgar Hertwich - EPT, Researcher Thomas Gibon, EPT, Hanne Sæle, SINTEF Energy Research
Jiayi Yin MSc in Industrial Ecology Carbon footprinting on carton & low carbon scenarios development Prof. Casper Boks, IPD
Jo Kristian S. Røttereng MSc in Industrial Ecology Carbon Capture and Storage in a Climate Policy Perspective: The Case of Norway Prof. Gunnar Fermann, ISS
Kari Sørnes Energy & Environment Heating and Ventilation of Highly Energy Efficient Residential Buildings: Environmental Assessment of Technology Alternatives Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Karin Sjöstrand Civil and Environmental Engineering The effect of renovation and reconstruction on overall energy consumption and material throughput in the Norwegian residential building stock Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM, PhD Stefan Pauliuk, IVM
Kristin Fjellheim MSc in Industrial Ecology An implementation of the World Trade Model with the GTAP database Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Lars Fabricius Nanotechnology Human Exposure Assessment of Engineered Inorganic Nanoparticles in Food ETH: Dr. Natalie von Götz & Reto Glaus, NTNU: Assoc. Prof.Pawel Sikorski
Laxmi Panthi MSc in Industral Ecology Carbon Footprint and Environmental Documentation of Product - A Case Analysis on Road Construction Prof. Annik M. Fet, IØT
Magnus Grinde Energy & Environment Environmental Assessment of Scenarios for Products and Services based on Forest Resources in Norway Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT, Ottar Michelsen, EPT
Marina Magerøy MSc in Industrial Ecology The communication of environmental impacts through environmental product declarations Prof. Annik M. Fet, IØT
Martin H. Gallardo Exchange student Life Cycle Assessment of platform chemicals from fossil and lignocellulosic biomass scenarios: LCA of phenolic compounds, solvent, soft and hard plastic precursors Prof. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT, PostDoc Francesco Cherubini, EPT
Nevena Gajic MSc in Industrial Ecology Human dimensions of natural resource management for the Vosso wild salmon population: A systems thinking approach PostDoc Cecilia Haskins, IØT
Ocatvio Torres MSc in Industrial Ecology Life cycle assessment of a pumped storage power plant Prof. Edgar Hertwich, EPT,  researcher Jan Weinzettel, EPT
Oddbjørn Dahlstrøm MSc in Industrial Ecology Life Cycle Assessment of a Single-Family Residence built to Passive House Standard Prof. Edgar Hertwich,EPT, AP Rolf A. Bohne,BAT,  Architect Silje Eriksen, Nordbohus
Rini Farida Rosdiany MSc in Industrial Ecology Green procurement practice in the perspective of industrial ecology concept Prof. John Eilif Hermansen, IØT
Tobin Rist MSc in Industrial Ecology A Path to BIM-based LCA for Whole-buildings-Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to automatically generate ILCD compliant Life Cycle Inventories Prof. Rolf Andrè Bohne, BAT
Master's Theses 2010
Ajodeji Ericson Oyewole MSc in Industrial Ecology Implementation of Land use and Land use Change and its Effects on Biodiversity in Life CycleAssessment Prof.Anders Hammer Strømman
Charlotte Roux Exchange student The Life-Cycle performance of Energy using household products Prof.Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Christine Hung MSc in Industrial Ecology Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Prof.Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Denis Voisin Exchange student The Connection Between City Form and Transport Emissions - An Empirical Analysis Prof.Edgar Hertwich, EPT
Elin Jeanette Staurem MSc in Industrial Ecology Climate Change Assessment for Socially Responsible Investments Prof.Kjell Øren, IVM, Dr. Cecilia Haskins, IØT
Evangelos Kalogiannidis MSc in Industrial Ecology Waste to heat LCA, Exploring Scenarios for the District Heating  in Trondheim Prof.Helge Brattebø,IVM
Frida Røyne MSc in Industrial Ecology Multinational Extractive Industries, Environmental Performance and Corporate Responsibility Prof.John Eilif Hermansen,IØT
Guillaume Majeu-Bettez MSc in Industrial Ecology Evaluation of Process- and Input-Output- Based Inventories for Environmental Assessment of Production and Consumption Activities Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Hugo Johansen MSc in Industrial Ecology Global Aluminium Cycle Prof.Daniel Müller, IVM
Lars Gunnar Furelid Tellnes MSc in Industrial Ecology Scenarios for organic (food-and garden/park-related)  Waste Management and Energy Recovery in the A- Ward in Mumbai, India Prof.Daniel Müller, IVM
Line Nes Jordahl MSc in Industrial Ecology The making of an R&D strategy in Energy21 - A case study Prof.Marit Reitan,ISS Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Line Rød-Knudsen Communications technology Sustainable        Smart House Technology Business Models. An Assessment of Rebound Effects Einar Flydal (Telenor/ITEM)
Ni Made Arya Dhaniati MSc in Industrial Ecology Historic Patterns of Passenger Car Use and the Future Energy Consumption of the Chinese Car Stock Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Pengchao Liu MSc in Industrial Ecology Dynamic MFA of the Indian Steel Cycle Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Rayson Ho MSc in Industral Ecology Developing an approach to Organic Waste Management in the City of Rio de Janeiro Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Supichaya Suppipat MSc in Industral Ecology Design the Bathroom System for Future Scenario Casper Boks, IPD
Tilde Nygård MSc in Industrial Ecology Scenarios for the European Aluminium Cycle and Implications for Energy use in Production Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Tuva Grytli MSc in Industrial Ecology Integration of Methods for Environmental Assessment and Investment Analysis Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, EPT
Yan Wei MSc in Industrial Ecology Dynamics of Aluminium in Motor Vehicles of China Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Master Theses 2009
Åse Grytli Tveten Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of Offshore Wind Electricity Generation in Scandinavia Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol    
Børge Andreas Johansen Energy & Environment Environmental Assessment of Scenarios for Silicon Based Photovoltaic Electricity Generation in Europe Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman
Caroline Yeng-Ting Cheng MSc in Industrial Ecology Managing  Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Production. Systems: A Review of the Applicability of the Hexagonal Balanced Scorecard Approach                                                                                   Prof.Annik M.Fet
Even Nybakke MSc in Industrial Ecology Modeling Contaminent Flows from the US Iron and Steel Sector Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Håkon Selvig Bratland MSc in Industrial Ecology Food-related Biomass Management in Norway - Potentials and Limits of Energy Recovery      Prof. Erling Berge, ISS
Joakim Auflem Eriksen MSc in Industrial Ecology Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Blantyre, Malawi System and Actor Perspectives Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Karen Elise Sundelin MSc in Industrial Ecology Aluminium Recycling of the Norwegian Building Stock System Prof. Daniel Müller, IVM
Kjartan Steen-Olsen Energy & Environment Environmental Assessment of Aluminium Production in Europe - Current Situation and Future Scenari Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, Co: Daniel Müller, IVM
Lisa Marie Erlandsen MSc in Industrial Ecology Systems Analysis of Commercial Waste Recovery Options Prof. Helge Brattebø, IVM
Monica Vlad MSc in Industrial Ecology Development and Application of Mathematical Programs for Contribution Analysis in Life Cycle Assessment Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Olivier Baboulet MSc in Industrial Ecology Path Exchange Method for Hybrid LCA Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Stian Rein Andresen Production and Materials Technology Environmental Assessment   of European  Silicon Production Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Thomas Gibon MSc in Industrial Ecology Environmental Input-output Assessment of Integrated Second Generation Biofue Dr.Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Tore Søiland MSc in Industrial Ecology Competitive advantage through CSR strategies: The Ulstein Group and Pon Power as case companies Prof.Annik M. Fet, IØT, Casper Boks, IPD
Master Theses 2008
Agnes Cwalina MSc in Industrial Ecology Urban structures, building stocks,  and flows of materials and construction and demolition wastes in Trondheim                  Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Anders Arvesen        Energy & Environment Direct and Indirect Energy   Consumption of Households in  Beijing  Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol     
Catherine Izard MSc in Industrial Ecology The Anthropogenic Tin Cycle of the United States, 2005 Prof.Daniel Müller, IVM
Magnus Løseth MSc in Industrial Ecology A Model for Estimating the Global Warming Potential of the Norwegian Electricity Supply in a Life Cycle Perspective                  Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Michal Gryczon MSc in Industrial Ecology Combined Life Cycle and Economic Assessment of Wood-based Bio Fuels in Norway Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Ola Moa Gausen MSc in Industrial Ecology A Dynamic Bioaccumulation Model for Three Key Species in the BarentsSea            Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Øystein Kostøl Energy & Environment Eco-efficiency of Power Generation Options at a Refinery Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Ryan Bright MSc in Industrial Ecology Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-based Biofuel Production and Consumption Scenarios in Norway Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Sebastiano Scacchetti MSc in Industrial Ecology Stock dynamics  model for forecasting aluminum flows in the Norwegian passenger car system Prof.Daniel Müller, IVM
Sébastien Dente MSc in Industrial Ecology Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation Associated with French Consumption Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Master Theses 2007
Ann Iren Glimsdal Product Development and Production Accounting of GHG Emissions from Projects Injecting CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery  
Bjørn Magnus Iversen MSc In Industrial Ecology Material Flow Analysis and Recycling Developments of White Goods at WEEE Recycling AS Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Eli Grong Aursand Product Development and Production Leasure Boats – Environment-friendly Hull Design, Production Methods and Material Selection  
Elisabeth Adlam Energy & Environment LCA of Transportation Fuels Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Erik Skontorp Hognes Chemical Engineering Livssyklusanalyse av Drivstoff-kjeder og Kjøretøy  
Johanne Hammervold Energy & Environment Integrating LCA in the Local Energy Planning for Heating of Buildings Prof.Edgar Hertwich, IndEcol
Kjersti Pernille Rynning Øyen MSc in Industrial Ecology ORWARE: System Analysis for Efficiency Evaluations of Future Organic Household Waste Scenarios in Oslo Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Kyrre Sundseth MSc in Industrial Ecology Assessment of Energy Technologies in a Combined Life Cycle and Environmental Economics Perspective Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Marius Johansen MSc in Industrial Ecology Dynamisk Analyse av Utviklingen i Norsk Boligmasse og Kritiske Faktorer som Påvirker den Tilhørende Arealbruk og Materialstrømmer Prof.Helge Brattebø, IVM
Nina Holck-Steen Industrial Economics and Technology Management Dynamic Analysis of Life Cycle Energy Flows and the Corresponding Environmental and Economic Impacts for the Residential Building Stock in Norway  
Øystein Hjelm Energy & Environment Development and Assessment of Symbiosis in an Industrial Park Dr. Anders Hammer Strømman, IndEcol
Petter Chr. Jønvik Product Development and Production Life Cycle Assessment of Car Carriers  
Sandra Wilson MSc in Industrial Ecology Material Recovery of Plastic Packaging: the Ghanaian Challenge       Prof.Em. Sigurd Støren, IPM
Thorbjørn Dobie Kveim Civil Engineering Evaluering av System og Praksis for Rapportering av Miljøkartlegging av Bygninger  
Torhild Kvam Fikseaunet Marine Engineering A Comparative Study of the Environmental Consequences of Four Scenarios for Production of Fish Fingers with an LCA Perspective  
Master Theses 2006
Hallstein Havåg Energy & Environment Analysis of the Energy System in Trondheim Municipality Using the Model MARKAL, and Evaluation of Possible Emission Abatement Measures  
Janncike Sjøvold Energy & Environment Ny lavtemperatur tørketeknikk som konserveringsmetode for biobankmaterialer  
Martin Myrvang Energy & Environment Life Cycle Assessment of a Marine Farm Co-located with a Refinery  
Ragnhild Børke MSc Industrial Ecology Energy Efficiency in Non-residential Buildings: Motivation, Barriers and Strategies  
Master Theses 2005
Camilla Louise Bjerkli Geography The Cycle of Plastic Waste: An Analysis on the Informal Plastic Recycling System in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  
Gro Klæboe Economics The Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mecanism Investments: A Technology Adaptation Cost Approach  
Håvard Hamnaberg Industrial Economics and Technology Management Hydro i Quatar - Læring og CSR-arbeid  
Marte Reenaas Energy & Environment Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined With Gas Turbine Versus Diesel Engine As Auxiliary Power Producing Unit Onboard A Passenger Ferry: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment  
Odd Marius Elstad Geography Materialstrømsanalyse av plastemballasje fra husholdninger - en komparativ studie av gjenvinningssystemer i Norge og Sverige  
Master Theses 2004
Christian Solli Chemistry and Biology Fission or Fossil? A Comparative Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment of Two Different Hydrogen Production Methods  
Christofer Skaar Energy & Environment Økoeffektiv elektrisitetsproduksjon: Vindkraft i et livsløpsperspektiv  
Eirik Haukland Energy & Environment Trade and Environment: Emissions Intensity of Norway's Imports and Exports  
Lars Petter Bingh Energy & Environment Opportunities for Utilizing Waste Biomass for Energy in Uganda  
Marte Klavenes Geography Klær og miljø - en studie av kleskjedenes behandling av overskuddsvarer sett i et miljøperspektiv  
Master Theses 2003
Bjørn-Yngve Kinzler Eriksen Machine Design and Materials Technology Integrerte strategier for regional avfallsbehandlig i Midt-Norge og alternative behandligsmetoder for aske  
Cathrine Stjern Civil and Transport Engineering Sentralisert sortering og mottak av avfall ved Domus Senter på Orkanger/Centralised Waste Sorting and Collection at Domus Shopping Centre in the City of Orkanger  
Inger Austrem Chemistry Engineering The Exergy Efficiency of Hydrogen-fired Gas Power Plants  
Ingrid Synnøve Torp Biotechnology Utslipp av olje til marine sedimenter - sammenligning av mikrobielle samfunn fra ulike typer utslipp  
Johan Pettersen Chemistry Engineering Potentially Affected Fraction of Species from Dynamic Marine Exposure: Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Marine Ecotoxic Impacts from Offshore Discontinuous Discharges  
Knut Reistad Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Masseflyt og miljøpåvirkning av BA-avfall hos Onyx Norway AS  
Marius Holtan Chemistry Engineering Livssyklusanalyse (LCA) av fire ulike fremdriftsalternativer for personbil (bensin, diesel, brenselcelle og hybrid)  
Marte K. Halvorsen Chemistry Engineering Miljøevaluering av alternative applikasjoner for naturgass ved hjelp av livsløpsanalyse  
Ole Thomas Thommesen Chemistry Engineering Rammeverk for behandling av avfall fra elektriske og elektroniske produkter  
Tore Førland Chemistry Engineering    
Master Theses 2002
Anders Hermansen Chemistry Engineering Distribusjon av flytende gass langs kysten med utgangspunkt Hammerfest  
Frank Vidar Melum Machine Design and Materials Technology Dynamisk analyse av økologisk effektivitet ved Mongstad energiverk  
Håvard Bergsdal Thermal Energy and Hydropower Integrerte strategier for regional avfallshåndtering og lokal energiforsyning i Midt-Norge  
Kjersti Wæhre Psychology Miljø som Image. Bordet Fanger? En Kvalitativ Studie av Sammenhengen Mellom Image, Organisasjons-identitet og Arbeid med Ytre Miljø i HÅG  
Kristian Hall Machine Design and Materials Technology Innsamling og behandling av plastavfall  
Ole Kristian Sollie Chemistry Engineering Livsløpsanalyse anvendt på energiforsyningssystemet til et raffineri  
Tor H. Andreassen Safety, Health and Environment Miljøvaredeklarasjoner og verifisering/sertifisering av slike