Norwegian Research School in Innovation

Innovation is increasingly becoming the sine qua non of sustained competitiveness in the global knowledge economy, for corporations, regions and countries alike. Innovation is therefore a topic of great importance to researchers, organizations, and governments.

NORSI provides an internationally competitive PhD program in innovation, and consists of a research network of Norwegian universities and colleges, leading institutions in Scandinavia, as well as top international universities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Hosted by NTNU, the Norwegian School of Research in Innovation consists of two programme tracks: PIMS and PING.

  1. The PING program track focuses on innovation contexts.
    PING is hosted by the Norwegian School of Business (BI) and is led by Professor Bjørn Asheim. 
  2. The PIMS program track focuses on corporate innovation.
    PIMS  is hosted by NTNU and is led by Professor Alf Steinar Sætre.

NORSI is funded by the Research Council of Norway through their Regional R&D and Innovation Program (VRI).