Program in Innovation Management and Innovation Strategy

Organizational competitiveness and growth is built on innovation. Studies have shown that high performing corporations have 61% of their turnover from new products while low performing corporations saw only a 26% turnover from new products, and the average was 38%.

The PIMS program at NTNU focuses on innovation processes in and between existing organizations. From small firms to large multinational corporations, from local governments to large public organizations and agencies—PIMS covers both a wide range of organizations and industries, ranging from high-tech to healthcare.

Students and community

PIMS is built around a community of doctoral students. While Phd candidates are hosted at various colleges, our students meet regularly with each other and PIMS faculty at least 4 times a semester. Regularly interacting with the same group breeds trust and familiarity with research interests and discoveries. Research collaboration becomes easier, both for students and faculty; and we believe our active and engaged innovation research community makes for a productive and interesting program.

The NORSI-PIMS international faculty

The NORSI-PIMS research community is hosted at NTNU, one of Norway's premier higher education institutions. It is enriched by a diverse and international faculty, all experts in their respective sub-fields.  

Contact information - PIMS

Alf Steinar Sætre, PhD. 
Program Director (NORSI-PIMS)
Phone:(+47) 73 55 10 13


"What an exciting program..." George Huber
"Your doctoral ideas [NORSI-PIMS] are very important and timely" Michael Tushman
"A very exciting program" Susana Borrás
"The PIMS program sounds wonderful, and rather like fun (good, intellectual fun!)" Yvonna Lincoln