EnPe Programme Board

The EnPe Programme Board consist of members with an extensive competence within the fields of energy and petroleum. The board is appointed by Norad, and consists of five members: Two from higher education institutions in Norway, two from the energy/petroleum industry and one representative from Norad.

The Programme Board has an overall responsibility to ensure that the programme development is in accordance with the intentions and objectives in the EnPe programme document.

The Programme Board makes decisions on allocation of funds to projects and activities, and monitors ongoing activities.

EnPe Programme Board 2009-2014:

  • Svein Magne Skjæveland, Chairman
    Professor, University of Stavanger
  • Jan Ragnvald Torsvik, Deputy Chairman
  • Annik Myhre
    Professor, University of Oslo
  • Jon Einar Værnes
  • Anne Glomnes Rudi
  • Tor Arne Johansen, Deputy member
    Professor, University of Bergen


Elisabeth Strand Vigtel
National EnPe coordinator

Rita Kumar
NTNU's EnPe contact