Erasmus+ agreements

Information for the inter-institutional agreements according to the official requirements of the Erasmus + Programme. Letters and numbers are related to the contract template of the European commission.

NTNU has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHC) by the European Commission for the period of 2014-2021.The ECHE Charter allows NTNU to fully participate in the  EU programme for education, training, youth and sport; Erasmus+.

NTNU's Erasmus Policy Statement was written in the spring of 2013 as part of NTNU's application for the ECHE charter and describes NTNU's institutional strategy to fulfill the ECHE commitments.

A.​ Information about higher education institutions

  • Erasmus code of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):
    N Trondhe01
  • Erasmus+ Charter number: 29704-EPP-1-2014-1-NO-EPPKA3-ECHE
  • NTNU's PIC number is: 999977851
  • Institutional Coordinator: Wolfgang Laschet, EU Programme Coordinator, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim, Phone: +4773595240, fax: +4773595210,
  • Country coordinators-agreements:
    Ms. Anja Valberg,, phone +4773551172
    Mr. Wolfgang Laschet,, phone +4773595240
  • Contact person for incoming students (IT, GR, PL, CZ, RO, HU, CH, NL, LT, LV, ET, SL, SK, CR, TY): Ms. Sigrid Hauge,, phone +4773595180, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim
  • Contact person for incoming students (AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, F, FI, IC, IRL, LI, PT, SE, UK): Ms. Kari Enge,, phone +4773595720, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim

B. Mobility flows are specified in the contract.

C. Required language skills for students coming to NTNU: Minimum English B2

D. Additional requirements:

  • Engineering and architecture students must have studied minimum 3 years prior to arrival
  • Engineering and architecture students can not prepare a B.A. Thesis at NTNU
  • A certified copy of your passport and transcript of records has to be part of the application
  • Applications can be sent as email attachments
  • Application form:
  • NTNU welcomes students and staff with disabilities
  • NTNU welcomes all students prior to the semester start with an orientation programme.
  • All students will receive an arrival and departure confirmation from NTNU with all necessary information.

E. Calendar

  • Applications/information on nominated students must reach the receiving institution by (inluding the complete application of the student):
    • 1.5. for the autumn semester
    • 1.10. for the spring semester
    • The academic calendar can be found here:
  • The receiving institution will send its decision within [5-8] weeks.
  • A Transcript of Records will be issued by the receiving institution no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished at the receiving HEI. The student must order the transcript online.
  • ​Termination of the agreement
    • In the event of unilateral termination, a notice of at least one academic year should be given. This means that a unilateral decision to discontinue the exchanges notified to the other party by 1 September 20XX will only take effect as of 1 September 20XX+1. Neither the European Commission nor the National Agencies can be held responsible in case of a conflict.

F. Information

G.​ SIGNATURES OF THE INSTITUTIONS (legal representatives) - Preference is given to PDF documents with electronic signatures.

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