Erasmus+ agreements

Information for the inter-institutional agreements according to the official requirements of the Erasmus + Programme. Letters and numbers are related to the contract template of the European commission.

A.​ Information about higher education institutions

  • Erasmus code of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):
    N Trondhe01
  • Erasmus+ Charter number: 29704-LA-1-2014-1-NO-E4AKA1-ECHE
  • Institutional Coordinator: Wolfgang Laschet, EU Programme Coordinator, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim, Phone: +4773595240, fax: +4773595210,
  • Country coordinators-agreements:
    Ms. Anja Valberg,, phone +4773551172
    Mr. Wolfgang Laschet,, phone +4773595240
  • Contact person for incoming students (IT, GR, PL, CZ, RO, HU, CH, LT, LV, ET, SL, SK, CR): Ms. Sigrid Hauge,, phone +4773595180, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim
  • Contact person for incoming students (DE, AT, LI, ES, PT, NL, BE, UK,IRL,TY, SE, DK, FI, IC): Ms. Kari Enge,, phone +4773595720, Office of International Relations, O.S. Bragstads Plass 3, 7491 Trondheim

B. Mobility flows are specified in the contract.

C. Required language skills for students coming to NTNU: Minimum English B2

D. Additional requirements:

  • Engineering and architecture students must have studied minimum 3 years prior to arrival
  • Engineering and architecture students can not prepare a B.A. Thesis at NTNU
  • A certified copy of your passport and transcript of records has to be part of the application
  • Applications can be sent as email attachments
  • Application form:
  • NTNU welcomes students and staff with disabilities
  • NTNU welcomes all students prior to the semester start with an orientation programme.
  • All students will receive an arrival and departure confirmation from NTNU with all necessary information.

E. Calendar

  • Applications/information on nominated students must reach the receiving institution by (inluding the complete application of the student):
    • 1.5. for the autumn semester
    • 1.10. for the spring semester
    • The academic calendar can be found here:
  • The receiving institution will send its decision within [5-8] weeks.
  • A Transcript of Records will be issued by the receiving institution no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished at the receiving HEI. The student must order the transcript online.
  • ​Termination of the agreement
    • In the event of unilateral termination, a notice of at least one academic year should be given. This means that a unilateral decision to discontinue the exchanges notified to the other party by 1 September 20XX will only take effect as of 1 September 20XX+1. Neither the European Commission nor the National Agencies can be held responsible in case of a conflict.

F. Information

G.​ SIGNATURES OF THE INSTITUTIONS (legal representatives) - Preference is given to PDF documents with electronic signatures.