HERD/Energy - call for annual reports 2013

All projects granted support under the HERD/Energy-programme must provide the HERD/Energy project coordinator with an annual progress report and a financial statement for the activities in the previous year. The deadline for reporting for the year 2013 is 26th March 2014.

Both the Institution in Norway (IiN)and the Istitution in the Western Balkans (IiWB) has a joint responsibility to contribute to the reporting process and to provide accurate information. The IiN has the overall responsibility for coordinating the reporting, and for submitting a complete annual progress report and financial statement to the sector manager within the deadline.

Instructions for filling out the report are included in the templates. Please be aware that all significant deviations from the original activity plan or budget have to be duly explained for the report to be approved by the HERD/EnPe programme board.   

The annual progress report and financial statement, both duly signed by the project coordinator, the head of department and the institutional responsible for the IiN ande the IiWB, should be scanned and sent to elisabeth.s.vigtel@ntnu.no  by the IiN within 26th March 2014 at 1500 hrs.

Templates for annual reporting 2013

Annual Progress Report
Financial statement