Production and Quality Engineering


The laboratories to be found at the department include the metrology lab, production automation testing facilities, the Knowledge Discovery lab, and the machine tool laboratory and workshop.

The largest and best equipped of our department laboratories is the machine tool laboratory, housing a broad selection of modern CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control ) as well as a machining center. CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control ) allow one to make precision parts from blueprints and other specifications. Our facilities for testing production automation include an installastion of two robots and several testing rigs. The Data Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory accomodates equipment for researching rapid prototyping and voice-activated machines, and much more.

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Rapid Manufacturing

As part of our strategic initiative in Rapid Manufacturing, we have recently acquired an additive M2 LaserCUSING machine for Direct Object Fabrication (DIMOF). By the help of metal powder and laser energy, this machine is able to build complex geometries that cannot be manufactured otherwise. Since the manufactured components are 100% watertight we currently conduct research on tooling fabrication witjh conformal cooling.