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Research at the department for production and quality engineering

The department conducts extensive research within four disciplines. The research carried out by dedicated scientists, professors and Ph.D. fellows. There is a high international environment among our scientific employees. The Department participates in a number of international and national research centers and projects. We focus on international networking, innovation and application of research results.

Research areas

RAMS – Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Safety

Focus areas: Risk analysis, maintenance analysis, technical management and performance management.

Production systems 

Focus areas: Design of automated production systems, CNC, additive manufacturing, robotics, offshore automation, mechatronics and metrology.

Production management 

Focus areas: Leadership, planning and management of production and logistics processes.

Project and quality management

Focus Areas: Initiating, planning, execution, control and closure of the project.

Research centers

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI)

SUBPRO A research center that focuses on the development of knowledge and technology for subsea production and processing of oil and gas. Mary Ann Lundteigen
Offshore Mechatronics A research center that focuses on full automation of operations and condition monitoring for topside drilling systems controlled from onshore operation centers. Olav Egeland 

Other research centers

ROSS GEMINI CENTRE The ROSS Gemini Centre carries out basic and applied research projects and offers courses for students and the industry. Mary Ann Lundteigen
Prosjekt Norge Project Norway's national arena for exchange of experiences, building networks and represents a strong research group that serves as an external reference to the industry's project expertise. Bjørn Andersen 
ROBOTNOR A research project that specialize in the development of next-generation robotics technologies and concepts, promote education and industrial innovation.  Olav Egeland
SMARTLOG A network to disseminate research and practice within supply chain management and production logistics. Jan Ola Strandhagen

Research projects

EU research projects

FOCUS FOCUS is a research cluster consisting of 11 partners from across Europe, the aim is to utilize synergies and obtain increased benefits of research results from the 11 partners.  Bjørn Moseng

National research projects

SpeedUp A research project focusing on shortening of plan and execution on large complex projects.  Bjørn Andersen 
Concept A long-term research program funded by the Ministry of Finance to conduct follow-up research on the quality assurance system for large public investment projects. Bjørn Andersen 
Måleprosjektet A research project aimed at the construction industry, to study a system of performance measurement and benchmarking for the Norwegian construction industry. Bjørn Andersen 
Fergefri E39 A study project with the goal to investigate the potential for a ferry-free E39 between Trondheim and Kristiansand  Anne Barros
PDS method and handbooks Developing a computer-based method for quantifying the reliability of safety instrumented systems. Mary Ann Lundteigen
Learning from successful operations Traditionally safety work has focused on analyzing accidents. This project focuses on learning from successful operations. The project develops methods and guidelines for analysis of successful operations. Mary Ann Lundteigen
SUSPRO Decision support for sustainable ship production in a global fluctuating market. Jan Ola Strandhagen
EFFEKT A research project to develop production strategies and technologies for competitive production of high-tech marine equipment in Norway. Erlend Alfnes
MIX A research project to develop a new production concept for efficient, automated variant production in semi-processing. Marco Semini
LIFT Efficient global supply chains for the production of maritime cranes and handling. Marco Semini
SoundChain The project revolves around creating efficient supply chains for competitive production of underwater acoustic sensor systems. Jan Ola Strandhagen
CYCLE The project CYCLE industry and scientists collaborate to utilize food that do not reach store shelves today. Each link from production to processing is to be optimized - and every resource to be exploited.  Jan Ola Strandhagen
QualiFish A research project to develop new methods for the production of white fish, with the aim to increase the industry's profitability. Jan Ola Strandhagen
Retail Supply Chain 2020 A research project which aims to develop new knowledge and key skills required to create the next generation of strategies and solutions, and to increase the competitiveness of the value chain for Norwegian food. Jørn Vatn
Green Monitor A research project for the development of centralized systems for condition monitoring and production support. Kesheng Wang
SØM 4.0 A research project for developing and implementing solutions for integrated automation, information and production flow for furniture production. Erlend Alfnes
Manufacturing Network 4.0 A research of dynamic design of the production network, innovation, knowledge sharing and development of next-generation production; to achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness. Jan Ola Strandhagen
EuroLEAN+ A community of industry and knowledge institutions in Europe that collects and improves information on custom Lean. Erlend Alfnes
EET+ Erasmus+ study project European Engineering Team+ is about developing and implementing a project with participating students from four European universities. The goal is to develop and implement a project that provides students with interdisciplinary and holistic knowledge and expertise for future sustainable communities. Jan Ola Strandhagen

Established research centers and completed research projects

IFaCOM The vision IFaCOM is to achieve near-zero defects in production for all kinds of industries, with emphasis on the production of costly components, with wide range of custom design and high performance requirements. Odd Myklebust
SFI NORMAN The vision for the research project is to develop new and interdisciplinary research for next-generation manufacturing, theories, methods, models and tools that make it possible for Norwegian manufacturing to compete in a global market. Jan Ola Strandhagen
NOWITECH A research project that will contribute to large-scale development of offshore wind turbines. Jørn Vatn 
IO Center A research-based innovation center with the goal to develop new methods and tools for integrated operations, which is the integration of people, organization, work processes and information technology to make smarter decisions Jørn Vatn 
PUS A research project that focuses on understanding and developing how to handle and control uncertainty in practice. Bjørn Andersen 
BA2015 A research project that focuses on improving the efficiency and sustainability of the building and construction industry. Bjørn Andersen 
MARINA A EU project investigating combined offshore renewable energy sources (wind, wave, tidal). Fokus for the department has been maintenance strategies. Jørn Vatn 


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