Programs of Study

The primary programs tied to the department of Production and Quality Engineering include:

2-yr Masters programs (MSc), taught in English

5-yr Advanced Engineering Programs

Doctoral studies

Department of Production and Quality Engineering


The student area

The department has a large and nice student area. Here you find quiet study rooms, but in between you can also relax in the sofa or play table tennis with your fellow students. Or make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. The citchenette also has a microwave. On the wall in the common area we have a TV screen displaying messages, lecture plans and other relevant information. If students want to convey messages to fellow students, this nay be published on the information screen.

Computer lab

The computer lab is equipped with 25 up-to-date computers and a heavy duty printer. The computer lab is spacious, and suitable for teamwork.

Offices and reading rooms

The study area have nine offices hosuing four students each. We reserve these for our final year master's students. Most of the offices are also equipped with computers.

Additionally, the department has two large reading rooms for students.


The canteen is open between 11:00 - 13:00 on workdays. Here you can buy good and relativelty inexpensive food of differnt kinds. Every Friday you can even buy cake.


Our local library is a valuable resource for our students. Here you find large amounts of literature related to the department's subject areas. The librarians are nice and helpful.

Srtudent reception

In the employee office area there is a student reception. Here you are welcome to enquire about most student related issues, such as student area access (by card) or binding of project and master theses.