About us

About us

Department of Engineering Design and Materials is located at Richard Birkelands vei 2B, Gløshaugen.

The building is to the right side under perleporten when coming from Moholt.

The scientific profile of IPM emphasizes the interaction between product development, engineering design and materials science. IPM focuses on commodity producing industries, including oil and gas and renewable energy. One of our goals is to ensure that Norwegian business and management has access to knowledge at a high international level.

Map and facilities

VTL - Verkstedtekniske Laboratorier

Building: Verkstedteknisk
Campus: NTNU Gløshaugen
Street: Richard Birkelands vei 2b (city map)


Many of the department's offices and meeting rooms can be found in the building named Verkstedtekniske Laboratorier (often abbreviated VTL). The recommended entrance is that from Richard Birkelandsvei (street name), directly under the skybridge known as the Pearly Gate (Perleporten).


Finding our offices

Upon entering the VTL building, take the stairs to the 2nd floor. You will find the front office reception to the right and through a double door. The sign on the door reads Institutt for produktutvikling og materialer.

Organizational Chart


Our Vision

IPM is an international leading group of professionals in engineering design and materials, combining research and practical applications for creating value in the community

All Employees

Fax: (+47) 73 59 41 29

Email: ipm-info@ivt.ntnu.no

Telephone: Contact us here

Postal address:

Department of Engineering Design and Materials, NTNU
Richard Birkelandsvei 2B
7491 Trondheim

Visiting address:

Richard Birkelands vei 2B

Opening hours

Student expedition:

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 2PM

Lunch between 11.30 - 12.00/Noon