Metallography Lab

The metallurgy lab at IPM includes all the necessary equipment for the preparation of samples prior to microscopic analysis or to testing. Sample preparation microscopic characteristics are performed on a wide variety of materials (metals and metal alloys, ceramics, metal-ceramic composites, polymer and polymer composites). This lab is dedicated to education and research and is equipped with the latest metallographic techniques.

This laboratory covers the following procedures and techniques: 

Cutting (manual and precission), sample mounting (hot and cold), grinding and polishing (up to mirror finish), electropolishing, chemical etching of samples to characterize the grain structure, optical microscopy, microhardness testing and ovens for heat treatments.

Metallographi Laboratorium

Equipment in the laboratory:

  • Optical microscopes with photomicroscopy - 1 inverted microscope and 1 upright metallurgical microscope.2 stereomicroscopes. 
  • Electropolisher (LectroPol-5).
  • 2 manual grinders and polishers - Buehler and Struers.
  • Automatic grinder and polisher - Struers.
  • 2 cutting machines - 1 manual (SiC disc) and 1 automatic (diamond wheel for precission cutting).
  • Hot mounting press (LaboPress).
  • Facilities for cold mounting.
  • Vickers microhardness tester.
  • 2 Nabertherm furnace for heat treatment up to 1200 C
  • Oven up to 200 C.
  • Oil bath for heat treatments. 
  • Binders Vacuum oven up to 200 C.


Contact information

Professor: Nousha Kheradmand
Richard Birkelands veg 2B
7491 Trondheim
Phone: +47 73593776