Research activities

Polymers and composites

Bio-nanocomposites: Processing and relationship between the structure and properties: The fairly new idea of bionanocomposites - in which the reinforcing material has nanometer dimensions - is emerging to create the next generation of novel eco-friendly materials with superior performance and extensive applications in medicine, coatings, packaging, automotive applications etc. Biodegradable nanocomposites which have superior thermal, barrier and mechanical properties compared to today’s biomaterials can be synthesis from biopolymer and nano sized reinforcements. Raw materials for these new nanostructured composites will be natural biopolymers (polylactic acid and cellulose esters). Nano whiskers of chitin- and cellulose will be used as reinforcements. The processing of nanocomposites will be studied with the aim of achieving a deeper understanding of compatibility between different phases and dispersion of nanoreinforcements in the biopolymer matrix. Moreover, the development- and optimization of the existent and new manufacturing techniques will be established. Characterizations methods, as TEM and AFM, which are important characterisation techniques in nano scale, are usually used for metallic materials and one challenge in this project is the use these techniques for biomaterials. Other characterization methods will include spectroscopy methods, testing the materials micro mechanical behaviour, dynamical mechanical thermal properties and durability. The project is financed by NFR, NANOMAT program. »
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