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The Department of engineering design and materials is responsible for the specialization Product development and materials technology (PuMa) offered through the Master of Science in Product development and manufacturing. This programme has a technological and scientific bias whilst creativity and innovation is also cultivated.

Programmes of study tied to the department:

Furthermore, the following specializations are offered in connection within these aforementioned masters programmes.


Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

PhD in Engineering Design and Materials


The primary contact for the doctoral programme at the Department of engineering design and materials is head of the department Torgeir Welo. Contact Professor Welo for information about the academics in particular fields of interest or for general information. The topic of one's doctoral thesis will normally be confined to research and development projects that are being carried out in the departments or within the associated research groups.

Each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship. The department can provide information about available positions.

For additional information concerning doctoral studies, including structure, applicable rules and forms, see the «Doctoral programme pages » for the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology.

Brochure - International masters

An introduction to our international master's programme options, is available here in PDF format. Please refer to each programme's webpages for details.

International masters catelogue2010-2011
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Technology Portal

«TeknologiPorten» is the industry contact organization for advanced degree programmes ( at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. The organization arranges company presentations each semester, academically relevant theme nights, and excursions; serving 2900 MSc. students.