TribologyLab - Scientist at microscopeThe TribologyLab is a collaboration between NTNU and SINTEF, and integrally linked with the activities of the Gemini Centre "Tribology". The lab is well equipped to fulfill a wide range of research and industrial needs.


The goals of the TribologyLab are:

  • Research on tribocorrosion: sliding-corrosion and erosion-corrosion.
  • Research on tribological problems related with dry and lubricated systems.
  • Research on modelling tribology.
  • Research on in-situ tribology.
  • To support the industries in finding solutions related to wear, lubrication, friction, and maintenance.
  • To function as a meeting point between the industries and European research centres and universities.
  • To educate engineers and scientists in tribological aspects.

Continuous expansion

The TribologyLab was created in 2008. Since then it has grown, and today our team is composed of professors and PhD students at NTNU and scientists at SINTEF.

Our aim is to continue this growth by hiring competent people in the field and by establishing links with the industry and other universities and research centres worldwide.

Collaborating Partners

The TribologyLab is a collaboration between NTNU and SINTEF, and fundamental to the Gemini Centre "Robust Material Selection and Design –Offshore Applications".




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Key Contacts

Nuria Espallargas, (IPM, NTNU)
Stéphane Dumoulin (SINTEF MC)
Sergio Armada (SINTEF MC)

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