Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

Project Tasks

NoWiTech WP3 - Novel support structures and floaters - New Coatings
NoWiTech WP5 - Operation and Maintenance

Test methods shall reflect the harsh offshore conditions in order to assure the reliability of the proposed materials. Tribology tests in corrosive media will be used to reproduce the required conditions. The research activity will be a combination of analytical work, numerical simulations and laboratory testing.


  • Clean renewable supply at competitive cost replacing polluting generation and reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses
  • Large scale commercial use of floating offshore wind turbines should be viable by year 2020 – shallow water wind farms can be built now
  • Use Norwegian oil and gas industry know-how to enhance development

WP3 / WP5 tasks

  • Produce new materials and surface treatments for erosion in turbine blades
  • Produce coatings with self-lubricating properties for application in bearings:
    • Single phase coatings
    • Composite coatings with nano-structured solid or liquid lubricants

 Additional resources and information

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