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The main focus of the group is pre-clinical MR of disease models to provide new knowledge of disease processes, evaluate new treatments and development of new MR methods for diagnosis and evaluation of disease states.

The research activities are a continuation of activities and competence established at the FUGE molecular imaging center. The group has a long experience in working with novel MR contrast agents and a recent focus of our research is the use of targeted contrast agents and nanoparticles as well as stem cell treatment using cells labeled with MR contrast agents. The purpose of this research is to provide more specific ways of diagnosis and evaluation of disease and to provide image guided therapy.

The main activities use the 7 Tesla small animal MR system (Bruker Biospec Avance III 70/20) and are currently related to investigation and treatment, including stem cell treatment, in rat models of brain injury, such as caused by adult stroke and neonatal hypoxia-ischemia; development of multimodal nanoparticles for mice models of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

We offer collaboration projects with national and international research groups that are interested in MRI of small animals, where we can facilitate in areas such as experimental planning, MR-sequence optimalization, training for MR-scanning and guidance with post-processing of MR data.

Photo: Hanne Strypet/NTNU


Marius Widerøe, MD, PhD
+47 73 55 13 54

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MR Center
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