Department of Social Work and Health Science

The Department of Social Work and Health Science is named after the closely related disciplines which also form the basis of two of three master programmes offered by the department.

Our teaching and research is based on an interdisciplinary staff of social scientists, focusing on the broad areas of health and social welfare.  The department seeks to give active contributions to the academic world and society at large by applying a diverse set of methodological and theoretical approaches to this field.

The department also seeks to contribute to the creation of a better society through engagement with present and future challenges within its core areas of health and social welfare. In doing so, particular emphasis is put on providing knowledge which will address the needs of a diverse population. This  pursuit  of knowledge  will make  a positive contribution to the everyday life of ordinary people.

As a consequence, our empirical focus is not only restricted to health care and social welfare institutions, but covers all areas of society such as family life, kindergarten, school, work, leisure activities, NGOs etc.

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Collaboration with Riga

With the support of The European Economic Area grant, in January, 2014 NGO "Latvian Civil Society Support Centre” has launched a project “Salutogenesis - important method for active support and successful social integration into society of children and young people with special needs” (2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/102/036).

The project is funded by the European Economic Area and The Republic of Latvia. The total budget of the project is 109 050,50 EUR, duration – 18 months. Project activities cover the whole territory of Latvia.

Read more about the project.

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